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Hi! I'm Winter, my blog contains homestuck,gorillaz,and some photography!...also there may be some nsfw things ;///w///;
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  • Character: Lord Stingray
  • Fandom: Superjail!
  • Reason for Being Hated: Too loud and obnoxious, steals the screentime from the Warden and others whenever he’s in a bigger role, some fans feel he was shoe-horned in to the cast and that the show tries too hard to fit him in, some think he’s not wacky enough for the cast, he’s a Cobra Commander parody and not much more, accusations of him being a ripoff of Venture Bros.’ Monarch character, some feel he stole the “rival” role from Mistress, he’s hated as hype backlash for how some of his fans bash the Mistress and/or Twins for “being in his way”, and he also gets hated for being an occasional Karma Houdini.

He’s still perfect and the prince of my heart. And Mistress and the Twins are angels too tho so Idfk what is the fuck with that

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The beauty of makeup artistry. 

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I don’t remember that scene in High School Musical.

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Various Sims 4 Comparison Pictures

What do you think?

sources: Luke Production, Rincón del Simmer, Sims4Fan, and Sk8rblaze (via SimNation)

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

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All these mermaid posts are fantastic and all, but you know what other half human creature I’d like to see?


Chubby pony centaurs.

Big buff Clydesdale centaurs.

Graceful deer bodied centaurs.

African centaurs with zebra or antelope bodies.

Native American centaurs with Appaloosa and pinto horse bodies.







I did the thing.
Gonna do a full-size upload later

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